Each November, ICE hosts it’s ‘night of nights’, the ICE Graduation and Awards Night. It’s one big party and a night full of excitement, pride, tears, achievements and awards.

Every student has their moment in the spotlight on the stage to share with their families and friends. All ICE graduates get to wear a royal blue ‘cap and gown’ and are treated like superstars on the night. Everyone from our Certificate II program in schools right up to our students graduating from our Diploma program, are invited to attend. Nobody is left behind this night! All the staff celebrates with the students and it’s our favourite night on the ICE calendar. We love watching all our students swell with pride as they walk across the stage.

It all culminates with the final award of the night ‘The ICE Apprentice Chef of the Year’ which is much coveted, fiercely fought over, hotly competed for and eagerly anticipated by everyone.

Nobody knows how to celebrate like our ICE graduates. Come and study at ICE and be part of our truly wonderful ICE Graduation each year.