Come and join us for our ‘coffee day spa’ course at ICE. You will receive basic level barista training from Merlo trained staff. You’ll also enjoy a fun demonstration on some latte art, plus there will be time for ‘hands-on’ coffee making practice for everyone. Also, learn how to make your own coffee body scrub out of the leftover coffee grinds too! Drink as much coffee as you make and enjoy morning or afternoon tea from our award winning culinary school on us. Price includes gift bag of chocolate coffee beans and your own homemade coffee body scrub!

Suitable for parties such as: Birthdays, hen’s parties & Mother’s and Father’s Day. Ideal for mum and daughter or dad and son bonding days or fabulous for a group of coffee loving friends who enjoy hanging out and doing something different together. 

Duration: 4 hours

Dates: Fridays 5.30pm to 9.30pm or Saturdays 2.00pm to 6.00pm  

Cost: $150.00

Bookings: email

Phone: 1300 843 423 

Payment: Credit card, bank transfer or cash prior to the day



Class includes:

  • History of coffee 
  • Introduction to the commercial coffee machine and grinder
  • Espresso shots
  • Milk steaming, splitting and free pouring skills
  • Understanding milk layering
  • Different cups and service ware in vogue
  • Three foundations of latte art: hearts, flowers and tulips
  • Cleaning and caring for your machines  
  • Information on how to get a job in a cafe or coffee shop
  • Hands on making of coffee body scrub to take home
  • Plenty of practice on making coffees
  • Participants can continue on to the certified courses by paying an additional fee and completing a practical and theory assessment

Food and drinks will also be available for sale from our ICE Café on class days.